Malaysia Best Performing Stocks in 2018

By Evelyn Yong | 31 January 2019


Price on
02-Jan 2018(RM)
Price on 31-Dec 2018(RM) Percentage changed





































0.675 1.09


2018 was a turbulent year that experienced a lot of market changes. Now let’s see which the top 10 best-performing stocks in Malaysia are. The result is based on the initial price of 2018 annualize performance from ShareInvestor WebPro and stock warrant and convertible shares are not included.

The 10th – IDEAL (9687.MY)

The 2018 opening price of IDEAL was RM0.675 and rose to RM1.09 at the last trading day of 2018, total with 61.48% value appreciated in 2018. The business nature of IDEAL is developing properties at Penang area. The company had shown brilliant results in the 2nd and 3rd quarter results in the financial year of 2018. This good news had pushed their market price to a higher level.

The 9th – SUPERMX (7106.MY)

SUPERMX ranked at the 9th with 73.13% raised from RM1.005 to RM1.74. SUPERMX is a world-class latex glove conglomerate and leading among the international manufacturer. Their business activities are producing, distributing and marketing their high-quality medical gloves. In 2018, SUPERMX widely expanding contact lens business and get the license in Japan had contributed part of the share price rising as a good future prospect. SUPERMX had their uptrend throughout most of the time in 2018, however, there are few incidents causing their share price dropping. The biggest scandal, founder’s wife had been caught for insider trade and sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years and caused 2% drops in share price. Besides, a fire caught in a small plant had caused more than 20% drops in share price. Other than that, SUPERMX’s share price also slightly affected by the trade war and caused some drops in the middle and end of the year.

The 8th – SANBUMI (9113.MY)

With just 1.23% different, SANBUMI rank 1 place higher than SUPERMX. A total of 74.36% price appreciated from RM0.195 to RM0.34. SANBUMI is principally engaged in the business of investment holding. The principal activities of the subsidiaries are travel and tourism services, property development, general trading and other services. It was a hot counter in the 4th quarter in 2018, but the financial results were not performing well and causing the price fluctuated within gain and loss in 2018.

The 7th – PMBTECH (7172.MY)

Rising from RM2.003 to RM3.57, a total of 78.23% appreciation, PMBTECH has scored the 7th place among the highest price appreciated stock in 2018. PMBTECH is an established specialist in the designing, fabrication and installation of aluminium façade system for buildings. It is the largest aluminium smelter in South East Asia and the largest aluminium extruder in Malaysia. Few of the well-known successful projects are done by PMBTECH such as aluminium formwork system for KLIA, KLCC Skybridge, Bintulu Airport and UOA’s buildings, aluminium glazing works for Singapore’s Marina Bay Sand, Shanghai’s Plaza 66 and Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport as well as aluminium scaffolding system for MRT Bukit Bintang, MAS-Airline, Pavillion, Sunway Velocity and Suria KLCC. There were experienced 2 up-trends in PMBTECH’s 2018 price chart, which are during the April and November period due to the announcement of high earnings by acquiring Leader Universal Aluminium Sdn Bhd, US Dollar appreciation, aluminium price rise and higher sales.

The 6th – PINEPAC (1902.MY)

84.21% of price appreciation gain by PINEPAC in 2018 from RM0.19 to RM0.35. PINEPAC’s main business activities is doing oil palm plantation and they have a total oil palm plantation area stands at approximately 3,723 hectares in Malaysia and 20,665 hectares of land for planting oil palm in District of Sintanf, West Kalimantan, Indonesia where around 170km away from Sarawak Kuching. PINAPAC had a thundering spike at the end of September due to the land sale to United Plantations. This land sale up to RM414 million has helped PINEPAC’s price spike up 286% in 2 days. The proceeds of selling 8,999 acres agriculture land in Perak will be used in bank loan repaid and the balance as financing and working capital.

The 5th – PANSAR (8419.MY)

PANSAR had experienced 108.88% of price appreciating in 2018. From RM0.383, has been doubled-up to RM0.80 before the market closed. PANSAR’s stock price was showing a strike-up line in the first quarter in 2018. PANSAR is engaged primarily in trading in hardware and building products. It has also become a major supplier and service provider of marine and industrial engineering products, construction and building materials and so on. PANSAR gain a high market expectation as the PE ratio for 2018 full year result is up to 30.

The 4th – LEESK (8079.MY)

LEESK had its uptrend since the starting of 2018 until August and gave 142.86% on the annual growth in 2018 from RM0.35 to RM0.85. It is a company doing mattress manufacturing which is one of the most extensive mattress manufacturers in South East Asia with one-stop production lines including natural latex foam, polyurethane foam and various spring productions. There are more than 50% of the producing are exported. Those countries involving include the United States, Australia, European countries, Singapore and China.

The 3rd – WATTA (7226.MY)

The opening price for WATTA in the first trading day of 2018 was RM0.32 and closed at RM0.795, showed a 148.44% appreciation. It is under industrial products and services industry and distributing automotive batteries and battery components in Malaysia. Besides, it also involves in the marketing and distribution of telecommunication equipment and its related products. WATTA has their long term cooperation with world-renowned brands such as Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Infinix and also local telecommunication giant YES.

The 2nd – MERGE (5006.MY)

MERGE has a 160.29% price gain in 2018 from the price RM0.34 to RM0.885. MERGE is a construction-based company listed on Bursa Malaysia Main Market since 17 November 1998. Their expertise in the construction is majorly in water treatment plants, sewage and sludge treatment plants, pipe laying and reservoirs construction, as well as refurbishment and maintenance. On 15 October 2018, MERGE received an unusual market activity (UMA) query from Bursa Malaysia regarding to the sharp rise in the share price and MERGE replied for the situation was due to few parties expressed interests in acquiring some stake in the company as well as to explore certain business opportunities.

The 1st – DUFU (7233.MY)

The hot technology stock, DUFU, from the 2018 opening price RM0.78 rose to RM2.06, showed a 164.10% gain and scores the highest percentage appreciation in 2018 among the Malaysia stocks. With the higher revenue grown, DUFU started the strike uptrend since the third quarter in 2018 and recorded its historic high at RM2.713 on 19 November. DUFU is a technology leader of micro precision components with running its business as an advanced one-stop manufacturing facility offering superior quality manufacturing, engineering capabilities and services. The second quarter result in 2018 shown their net profit rise by 72% compared to a year ago, due to higher demand of Hard Disk Drives components and favourable foreign exchange effect thanks to the strengthening of the US dollar.

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