ShareInvestor Station & Webpro New Function

In conjunction with Invest fair Singapore 2018, ShareInvestor had added two new awesome features into ShareInvestor Station and Webpro to enhance the available functions to the subscribers further. The best thing is new and old subscribers does not net to pay any extra to get this additional value!

1. Intrinsic Value Analysis

Intrinsic value refers to the value of a stock determined through fundamental analysis including tangible and intangible factors, without reference to its market value and it’s the concept always been champion by value investors around the world.
There are three valuation models currently available in Shareinvestor Station & Webpro:

a. Discounted Earnings Model
b. Discounted Cashflow Model
c. Gordon Growth Model

Few useful sub-functions also included like the comparison of local and global companies in the same industry (peer analysis) and the addition of another important metric: Piotroski F score to highlight fundamentally strong companies.
Piotroski F Score is a score between 0-9 which reflects the financial strength of a company in term of its fundamental value, based on 9 accounting-based parameters. The parameters are related to the company’s profitability, leverage, liquidity & source of funds and operating efficiency.

i) Profitability: Measures the company’s profitability and ability to generate positive earnings or cash flows.

ii) Leverage, Liquidity and Source of Funds: Measures the changes in capital structure and the company’s ability to meet its debt service obligations.

iii) Operating Efficiency: Measures the efficiency of the company’s operations and the uses of its assets.
Companies with a high score of 8-9, considered fundamentally good whereas companies with a low score of 0-2 are considered weak.

2. Share Ownership

If you are planning to own shares of the company in the stock market, you may want to know who is the major shareholders in that company. A good company usually will be invested by big fund houses like KWSP, Khazanah or even international Fund like Vanguard, Berkshire Hattaway and Fidelity Fund.

Now with this new functions will enable you to access the info who is the top shareholders for each company and analyse their ownership details across the world.

If you wish to know more about ShareInvestor Station and Webpro, do contact us via email or call during office hour 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Features of Dynamic Chart on ShareInvestor Station

By Stella Goh – Market Data Analyst | 1 June 2018

Technical analysis played a significant role in investor’s life especially a big help in forecasting future price movements in the market. It is a term based on the historical price movement of an asset to predict future price movements which may help investors in making a financial decision.

Investors may use some trading tools such as identifying the trends, supporting or resistance points as well as other mathematically derived indicators to predict the future price movement of the stock. ShareInvestor Station provides with a variety of features that help in technical analysis. Let us look at this few awesome features offered in the dynamic chart of ShareInvestor Station.

Dynamic Technical Analysis Chart

Dynamic Chart of ShareInvestor Station provides both historical data up to 20 years and real-time intraday data which are up to 3 months. Investors can choose the duration of chart views such as years, months, days and up to second. Besides, there are also options of 5 years and 10 years length which may allow investors a quick zoom-in to their preferred chart range. The chart also will enable investors to select, zoom in, and zoom out to make them more convenient to identify the future trends of the stock. (Refer 1st & 2nd picture below)

Highly Customizable Indicators

The indicator is calculated formula derives from price, volume data, and others info.

ShareInvestor Station provides more than 100 of basic and common indicators such as Native indicators, Bands indicators, Momentum indicators, Oscillator indicators, Price Volume indicators, Trends indicators, Volatility indicators, Volume indicators, Predefined Technical Analysis indicators and financial ratio indicators.

All of these indicators came along with definition, formulas, explanations and examples. It helps investors to have a better understanding of each indicator which is customizable to some extent such as horizontal shift, line colours, and weight. Investors can create and edit their indicators via the Technical Analysis Formula Editor. All of these indicators built can be applied to the charts. (Refer picture below)

Chart Comparison

One of the most significant features of ShareInvestor Station available in the dynamic chart is Performance Comparison. This feature allows investors to compare more than 2 of any history stock price in a single chart as per the example above.

On the other hand, investors can also select the how to display the stock price by modify the colours and line weight or display it as candlestick chart, bar chart, line chart at closing price, mountain chart, Heikin-Ashi Chart and Hollow Solid Candlestick Chart. (Refer picture below)

 Drawing Tools

ShareInvestor Station consists of more than 35 drawing tools to enable investors to draw charts for analysis. There are some advanced drawing tools such as Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Projection, Linear Regression, Gann Fan, Gann Grid, Andrew’s Pitchfork, Standard Deviation Channel and so on.

By using these drawing tools, investors can predict the future price movement of the stocks based on their criteria. The display of the colours, apply line width, line style or line value to their chart can be changed as well with a simple click.  Investors will able to save the studies of their chart as a template, review back the drawings and use the enhanced of drawing tools for later use. (Refer picture below)

News and Events on Chart 

Last but not least, the features of news on charts makes tracking stocks much more accessible to investors. News and events can be display on a specific date along with the trends in the chart. Therefore, investors can quickly correlate the price movement of their stock to market-moving news to make a better decision on their investment. (Refer picture below)


As the wise man said, useful tools are prerequisite to the success of a job. ShareInvestor Station is a great investment analysis tool to assist investor. It does not just shorten the time needed for studying the market but will also the provide the comprehensive data that not readily accessible to the retail investor.